Our foundation dogs Milly & Guiness

My name is Gloria Geraghty & my involvement with terriers began in the year 1989 when I had a little Jack Russell female come to stay with us when friends went on holiday.  From then the passion evolved!  I acquired a pair of nice girls to show & use as my foundation breeding stock.  For some reason I always wanted to keep the long legged slim ones & not the short puddings.  I bred & showed some lovely jacks over a ten year period but always had in the back of my mind that the Parson was really the type for me.  So in the year 2000 I purchased my foundation Parson male & female from a top winning kennel in the UK.  I bred & showed the Parsons very successfully for the next 10 years and finally came to the end of my bloodlines in 2010 as we had a very limited gene pool in New Zealand with just the two breeders here.  Over those 20 years I had also fallen for the Border Terrier after getting to know them well and handling them at shows so decided as the gene pool was bigger they would be my breed for the future.

I had always admired by friend Gaela Whyte's border's (Bohunt Border Terriers, Melbourne) and the temperament on her dogs so the contact was made & hence we have our foundation dogs Guiness & Milly.  These two dogs both have outstanding temperaments which is paramount to me for breeding on from and have both done extremely well in the show ring.  We look forward to the future with them & their progeny.