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Written by Bridget on 8. Mar, 2019
thank you for your beautiful website !

hope to be able to take on a Border Terrier Puppy as early as June of this year. Please keep me in mind :)
Written by festmzd on 17. Aug, 2017
I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!
Written by Mary Fitzgerald on 23. Nov, 2015
Hi Gloria
This is a great site. It was very nice to be able see images of Betty, who looks adorable. It was also super to see pictures of all of the puppies.
Best wishes
Written by karen martin on 8. Mar, 2015
We were wondering if your beautiful borders will be having any puppies this year?
Written by Vandy Pollard on 5. Apr, 2014
What a lovely dog Charlie is Gloria ~ wish I had room for another of your beautiful pups!!
Written by Vandy Pollard on 7. Jan, 2014
Love photos of your border's Christmas strawberry treats - spend a lot of time fighting Walter (border) off from eating strawberries and most other fruit including pineapple! Must be a family trait
Written by Rosemary Treloar on 23. Oct, 2013
I will definitely save your website on my Favourites. I have an elderly Border (13) who has made me switch allegiance from Labs - despite many years of escapism! He's a fantastic little dog and when he passes, I will certainly be in touch.
Written by Raewyn Perry on 9. Oct, 2013
Great Job on your new site. Not going to show Roger as he wants a Border!
Written by Darren & Trish on 9. Oct, 2013
Great site....well done.
Written by Helen & George McDermott on 31. Aug, 2013
We were thrilled to find Milly's page ... and to see Aengus's bloodline living on in her.
Written by Vandy pollard on 26. Jul, 2013
Love the new picture of Betty - beautiful girl
Written by Donald Fegan on 26. May, 2013
Best Of Luck Gloria,Enjoyed The Site And The Beautiful Borders, And We Irish Do Like Guiness
Written by Erica on 26. May, 2013
Lovely site Gloria, fantastic photos.
Written by Philippa Jack on 26. May, 2013
I never tire of looking at photos of your gorgeous dogs Gloria - we are so excited to soon be welcoming one of Milly and Guiness' puppies into our family.
Written by Vandy pollard on 26. May, 2013
Wonderful new website and to have more photos of your beautiful dogs !!